Cybernetic humaniod
Cybernetic humanoid

What is it?                                                          

The defination should be on cybernetics rather. Cybernetics is mainly a transdisciplinary term which means spreading accross diverse disciplines to form a whole idea.  However, due to the fact that the major meaning of cybernetics still cannot be pin pointed, various interpretations have been coined to this term.  Here are some definations by acclaimed writers:         

     “ Science concerned with the study of systems of any nature which are capable of receiving, storing and processing information so as to use it for control” – A.N Kolmogorou

“The art of securing efficient operation”- Louis Couffignal

“The science and art of understanding”- Humberto Maturana

The  main defination of cybernetics that would highlight the points in this article is more related to the term “Sociocybernetics” in the field of sociology. Sociocybernetics is the framework for the basic challenges individuals, couples, families, groups, companies, organisations, countries, international affairs are facing today. Also, alluding to human behaviour and their relationship with the world around them. As we know it, the world is no longer a physical mass but one that extends to broader platforms of the social media an d the internet at large.

Ok! Enough with the mombo jumbo. this article is clearly not about the terminology but an attribution that depicts relationships and connections with man and the environment.

Why need be

There is a popular saying  “No man is an island” by the seventeenth century author John Donne. Man inevitably has a strong need to relate to the immediate environment as this goes with acceptance physically, socially, mentally, spiritually in a particular area or group of people. They tend to seek for ways to fit into a society regardless of their conflicting personalities or idealogies.  Sometimes, will has little or no interferances with man’s desire to associate. Feelings of self worth or importance always go down the drain when man is denied access to establishing relationships or connections with people.

Likewise, a specific environment which is made up of people, groups and organisations has a way of connecting  to man. When being totally received into a viscinity, they are strong feelings of joy and happiness and this in turn affects the level of productivity. The benefits of man and his world takes a mutual process.

Descrimination: Not allowed

Descrimination should not be a force to hinder man’s connection with the environment. This however arises from variety of issues relating to religion, racism, society and so on. a present indication is the xenophobic attacks in South Africa. It is utterly shameful humanity tend to be self destructive. The scenerio depicts the highest practice of descrimination resulting to loss of lives.

Designed by existence

As discussed earlier, the inter relationship that exist between humanity and the environment boils down to relationships amond people. Every relationship no matter how unproductive, short lived or irrelevant is designed by existence. God created the whole univers directly implies he created every relationships-good or bad.

A certain young applicant finished an interview session. he met another applicant who summited CV a month ago and both were asked to go and await a response call. Getting to knoe each other was quite easy. they decided to walk a long distance while talking. These new pals talked on a wide range of topics including aspirations, dreams and about some intimate relationships, once experienced. Afterwards both parted ways until today. This unprecedented one time stand had imense inpact  in the lives of the two individuals. The period of a relationship can never be underestimated as it is all about spending quality time.


Relationships in the life of man and his environs require great sacrifices. In  one way or the other something must be given that wil never return in favour. Understanding this vital process of sharing and giving in a relationship ensures stronger connections between humanity and the world at large. With this age of the social media as a platform for relations, there is a better chance of giving or contributing to the society effectively. An idea shared in the social media platfom can mean a lot already. It is just about ensuring a better relationship.

When things fall apart

Forefully  disconnecting a bunch of cables from an electronic device system should emmit electric discharges. A possible break off an existing relationship or connection must inflict pain. No pain! Then  it is not worth the while. Effective connections get the better part of the parties involved. Therefore feelings of depression, rage and notably pain set in because the ground of relationship creates a great fusion that when everything divides, the aftermath mostly turn out negative.

The bigger picture

Desire, vision and dreams always revolve around man. The question should be “what is it for?”, “who is it for?” The bigger picture should be burn out of desire, vision and dream to get across, reach out  to establish a long lasting mark. The need to know and to be known should never be denied. Not on the context of fame but on the one of undestanding and connnection. Impact is love and concern which must be carried towards making foot prints in the sand.